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Viewer's Choice
One prize for each guild.

Viewer's Choice Winner 2017

QuiltFest 2022 is a non-juried event. The event is open to all members of the Black Gold Quilt Patch Guild and the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild. Any quilted item can be entered, regardless of type-bed quilts, wall quilts, quilted garments and other items. The only “rule” is that all items must contain three layers. All skill levels and abilities are welcome to participate in the show.

The only prize is voted on by the viewer’s. For QuiltFest 2022 there will be a Viewer’s Choice award for each guild. Viewer’s will be provided with a colour coded ballot to vote for their favourite quilt from each guild. Viewer’s are encouraged to vote throughout the show. Winners will receive a ribbon from the Canadian Quilters Association and the opportunity to display their quilt at Quilt Canada 2023.

"Crazy I Am" by Cathy Tomm,

1st Place Winner, 2019

Past President's Challenge

Winner Lisa Polgar quilt (1).jpg

For each quilt show the Black Gold Quilt Patch holds, the Past President is invited to create a Past President’s Challenge. The Past President selects a theme and provides two fabrics that must be used to create the quilted object.


This year’s theme is “New to Me” selected by Past President Linda Chapelsky. This challenge is open to members of both the EMQG and the BGQPG.

"Starry Night" by Lisa Polgar, Winner, 2019


  • #1 RULE: HAVE FUN!!! Use your imagination!  Your creation can be traditional or contemporary.

  • Use this challenge to explore new blocks, techniques or fabrics that you haven’t  tried before and incorporate it into your challenge piece

  • Ideas include: disappearing nine  patch, paper piecing, Dresden plate blocks, hand quilting, paint on fabric, improve piecing, a piano key or scalloped border, using silk or polyester ties or wool fabric, crazy quilting with embellishments, etc

  • Pick something new you have always wanted to try and challenge yourself to do it! You may find  something that will change how you quilt or find new opportunities for using your  quilting skills

  • Item Selection: Your challenge can be a small quilt or wall hanging, tote bag,  pocket book, garment, framed piece, whatever. It must have a pieced top,  batting, and backing

  • Finished Size: Your challenge cannot be more than 200 inches around the  outside edge. If you make your challenge in an odd shape, please remember  they are hung at the show so make sure it will hang straight and not fold over on  itself. Garments will require a dress form or appropriate method to display,  preferably supplied by the maker

  • Methods of Construction: You are free to use whatever construction or quilting  methods work best for your creation (i.e., machine piece, hand piece, paper  piece, machine appliqué, hand appliqué, machine or hand quilt, etc.).  

  • Fabric Requirement: You must use each of the two fabrics provided anywhere  you wish on the challenge entry. There is no limit to the total number of fabrics or  kinds of fabrics. Using your stash is encouraged! 

  • Embellishments are optional

Youth Categories  

This challenge is open to quilters up to 18 years of age in two categories: 12 and under and age 12-18. Each creator must have a sponsor in the Black Gold Quilt Patch or Edmonton Modern Quilt Guilds. 

Youth 12 and Under

Sponsored by MJ Stich In The Ditch Quilt Company. 

Youth over 12

Sponsored by MJ Stich In The Ditch Quilt Company. 

1st Grace Yurkovish First Quilt 2019
1st over 12 Theresa Frampton YC3 Quilt

"The Big Diamond Quilt"

by Grace Yurkovish

1st Place Youth under 12, 2019


by Theresa Frampton

1st Place Youth over 12, 2019


  • The quilt must be made of three layers and be quilted, either by hand and/or machine.

  • It must be either bound or closed along the edges with either hand and/or machine stitching.

  • Minimum 75% of the quilt must be the work of the young quilter.   

  • The quilter may use any combination of hand and/ or machine piecing, applique and quilting. 

  • The use of embellishments such as beads, embroidery, fibers, ribbon, paint, crayon, etc., is the choice of the young quilter. This is an opportunity to experiment and try new things. 

  • The entry must be free of any text or images that at protected by copyright unless you have written permission from the holder of the copyright. 

  • For any patterns or designs that are not your own, please give credit to the source. 

  • The quilt should have a label attached to the back of the quilt showing the title, creator’s name, age category, date completed and credits (if any). Include your inspirations and influences if you wish.  

Follow these steps to get your quilt ready and entered into the show. This year entries will be done online. You will need to take a photo of your quilt. We've added some hints below on how to get a great photo of your quilt.  If you need help, please contact your guild. 

Entry Instructions


Step One: Make a Hanging Sleeve


Photo used with permission from

Step Two: Take a Photo of Your Quilt(s) 

  • Place the quilt on a neutral background such as a wall, a piece of pressed muslin or a smooth white bed sheet. You can also hold it up like the photo on the left but putting it on a wall is the best way to get a great shot, 

  • Make sure the photo captures all four edges/binding and all around the quilt.

  • Shoot the entire quilt straight on, not at an angle. Square quilts should look square. Rectangular quilts should look rectangular.

  • You can use either a cellphone or camera to take your photo.  We will need a  low-resolution photo–this ensures that your email will be delivered. The size of the photo file must be 1MB or less. A suggested setting is 72 dpi .  

  • Before you attach your photo to your entry form check to see if it is properly sized. Is the color in the photo true to the color of your quilt?  The colors in your quilt should look the same in both images. Is the photo sharp and not fuzzy? You can test print your photos to see if they are large and clear.

Taken from Quilting Daily. April 2022. 

Q: What size of image is needed to show off my quilt?  

A: Image size should be 1200 X 630 pixels (px). DPI 

It should be no larger than 8MB. The minimum size is 200x200px however, we recommend keeping it to 600 x 315 px. 

For more info visit


Q: My quilt's not done yet.  What do I do about a photo?

A: We know that some of us will be putting on binding the night before quilt drop off. No worries. You can enter your quilt and your photo separately. Quilts must be entered by September 19, 2022. Photos may be entered by October 14, 2022.

Q: I need help using this online submission process!  

A: Your guild may be holding a session to help you out. Stay tuned for info from your guild closer to the show submission deadline. ​

Enter Here

Step Three: Fill in the Online Entry Form


  • Your quilt and your photo will be uploaded separately. Please note quilt entries are now closed. If you have any questions or concerns about your entry, please contact Pictures may still be uploaded.

You can enter up to 7 quilts. Each quilt requires its own application form. 

Step Four: Fill in the Photo Entry Form


  • Your quilt and your photo will be uploaded separately. Please complete the photo entry form by October 14, 2022

You can enter up to 7 quilts. Each quilt requires its own application form and photo.

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