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This form will enter your quilt into QuiltFest 2022. Information from this form will be used to create the display label for your quilt and information may also be shared electronically. Please be as accurate as possible.


Fields market with * are required and must be filled out.


The name and photo associated with your Google Account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form. Your email address is not part of your response.

Preference Order

If you are submitting more than 1 quilt, please indicate your preference order for this quilt to be entered in the show. Individual numbers of entries may be limited based on the number of submissions received.


Tell us about your quilt. What inspired you to make it? Who is it for? Why did you choose the colours and fabrics you used to create it? Tell us what is special about this quilt so we can share it with our viewers.


According to copyright law, all patterns that are not original must be acknowledged and the designer credited. For example "Pattern is Prismatic Star by Judy Niemeyer"

Techniques used (click all that apply)


Quilted by
Quilting technique


The following information is required to successfully enter your quilt in QuiltFest 2022. You must answer "yes" to the following questions for your submission to be accepted.

I agree that the Quiltfest 2022 committee may use my name, photographs, videos  and descriptions of my quilt submissions for promotional purposes on social media and the internet. This may include but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, website and a digital catalogue.
My quilt or quilted item has a label attached with my name and the name of the quilt (minimum requirement for information-you may add more to your label if you choose)
I understand that QuiltFest 2022 will take precautions to protect my quilt, but cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control. I understand that QuiltFest 2022 does not carry insurance to cover quilts on display. If I need insurance I will have to arrange it through my household insurance.
If you would like to sell yor quilt, click yes and buyers can contact you for the price and arrangemens for pickup.

If you would like a copy of your form submission please use the print function on your web browser (Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox, etc.) to print this page before submitting the form.

Thank you.  Your entry has been submitted.

Please fill out the fields highlighted in RED.

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